Traditional Acupuncture for Menstrual problems


Acupuncture treatment for Menstrual problems

For women, Nazir’s acuheal a traditional acupuncture Centre can help alter reproductive problems. such as an irregular menstruation. it is able to lessen pressure, improve blood float within the pelvic region, and thicken the endometrium to enhance menstrual cycle. Healer Nazir a excellent Acupuncturist in Chennai imparting exceptional and first rate remedy for Menstrual problems like • Dysmenorrhea or Painful Cramps, Dysmenorrhea is intense, common cramping at some stage in menstruations
• Menorrhagia additionally known as Heavy Bleeding
• Amenorrhea additionally referred to as Absence of Menstruation
• infrequent Menstruation) and light Menstruation
• Premenstrual Syndrome additionally known as PMS