Optimal Traditional Acupuncture for fatty liver treatment

Best acupuncture for fatty liver treatment

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What is fatty liver

An increased build-up of fat in the liver.

Major risk factors include obesity and type 2 diabetes, though it’s also associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

As we informed what is fatty liver, It usually causes no symptoms. When symptoms occur, they include fatigue, weight loss and abdominal pain.

Treatment involves reducing the risk factors such as obesity through a diet and exercise programe. It is generally a benign condition, but in a minority of patients, it can progress to liver failure (cirrhosis).

What happens if you have a fatty liver?

Patients who has fatty liver can live for many years with their Nonalcoholic fatty liver, but about 30 percent eventually end up with an inflamed liver otherwise called Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and scarring them. Of these, about 20% will develop end-stage cirrhosis, which can lead to liver failure and cancer.

Can fatty liver be cured?

first w must understand what is fatty liver, If you have NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), No medicine is found in allopathic to reverse the fat building on liver. In some cases, the liver damage stops or even reverses itself. But in others, the disease continues to progress. If you have NASH, it’s important to control any conditions that may contribute to fatty liver disease.

What should not eat in fatty liver?

most of them don’t know what is fatty liver and Fatty Liver Foods to Avoid

Poultry, except for lean white meat.

Full-fat cheese.

Yogurt, except low-fat.

Red meat.

Baked goods and fried foods made with palm or coconut oils.

Sugary items like candy, regular soda, and other foods with added sugars including high-fructose corn syrup.

What foods help fatty liver?

We suggest the below mentioned food for fatty liver condition:

spinach and other leafy greens.

salmon, sardines, tuna, trout, and other fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

oats and other high fiber foods.


turmeric and curcumin.

sunflower seeds and other sources of vitamin E. and Garlic

How to clean your liver?

Some great foods to help cleanse and support liver function include leafy greens like spinach and kale, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, grapefruit, green tea, turmeric, apples, olive oil, citrus fruits, beets, and cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts and cabbag.

Is Acupuncture good for fatty liver

    We are the best answer for is acupuncture good for fatty liver, because Nazir’s acuheal a traditional Acupuncture Clinic is best for fatty liver treatment in India, Our Centre is effective for the treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

    NAFLD may be asymptomatic. Patients with obesity, metabolic syndrome, or diabetes are at higher risk of developing NAFLD. This disorder involves the development of fat in the liver with concomitant liver damage and inflammation. Blood tests, imaging, and biopsies are used to diagnose this disorder.

    Is acupuncture good for fatty liver, yes because Treatment often involves a dietetics program focused on a healthy weight and general diet. The research in this article shows that the addition of acupuncture to a dietetics protocol improves patient outcomes.

    The positive electrodes were linked to bilateral SP15 (Daheng) while the negative ones were linked to ST24 (Huaroumen). A disperse-dense wave was applied at a frequency of 2 Hz alternating with 100 Hz. Intensity was set between 1–10 mA.This procedure was conducted on alternate days, with a rest day after every three sessions.

    The following acupoints were used, so we are the right answer for is acupuncture good for fatty liver, The results show an improvement in patients’ liver enzymology levels, blood lipid levels, as well as decreasing the patients’ levels of anxiety and depression.

    The researchers note that applying acupuncture on Jiaji acupoints relieves symptoms of pain and fatigue, regulates the liver and gallbladder function, stabilizes patients’ emotions, and elevates patients’ mood.

As indicated in both studies above, electroacupuncture improves hepatic fat status, liver enzymology, glycolipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity, in addition to addressing enhanced somatological parameters and offering relief from anxiety and depression in NAFLD patients. Based on the findings, acupuncture is recommended as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol.

Nazir's acuheal provide best treatment for fatty liver in India

      Nazir’s Acuheal is a remarkable traditional acupuncture and acupressure Centre located in the vibrant city of Chennai to provide best treatment for fatty liver in India.

      Healer Nazir serves as an outstanding procedure for individuals seeking best treatment for fatty liver in India with his holistic approaches to address their general health concerns along with fatty liver, without relying on drugs or encountering potentially harmful side effects with our acupuncture for general health.

     The highly trained practitioners at Nazir’s Acuheal specialize in the ancient practices of acupuncture and acupressure, which have been proven effective in promoting overall well-being, very specially a  best treatment for fatty liver in India.

     Through the precise insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body, acupuncture stimulates the flow of energy and harmonizes imbalances within the body for acupuncture for kidney health, This therapy has been known to alleviate various conditions of fatty liver.

      Alternatively, for those who may be uncomfortable with needles, acupressure is also offered as a gentle yet powerful technique. By applying precise pressure to specific points on the body using fingers or specialized tools, acupressure aids in relieving tension, increasing circulation, and restoring normal liver condition.

     At Nazir’s Acuheal, client satisfaction and safety are paramount. Before designing a personalized treatment plan tailored to each individual’s unique needs, our experienced practitioners conduct thorough consultations to assess medical history and current health concerns with acupuncture specifically best treatment for fatty liver in India.

     Furthermore, our Centre prioritizes maintaining exceptional hygiene standards by utilizing only sterile disposable needles during acupuncture sessions. We are committed to ensuring a safe environment that fosters healing and wellness even in acupuncture for weight loss,

     Nazir’s Acuheal also offers auxiliary therapeutic services such as cupping therapy and herbal medicine consultations. Cupping therapy utilizes special cups that create suction on specific areas of the body to enhance blood flow and reduce muscle tension.

     Additionally, our team of experts can provide guidance on incorporating herbal remedies into one’s daily routine for maximum benefits.

     Nazir’s Acuheal stands out as an excellent Centre for those searching for drug-free alternatives to improve their general health. With a reputation for delivering remarkable results and a commitment to promoting well-being, we invite you to experience the transformative effects of

Nazir's acuheal Acupuncture for fatty liver
Nazir's acuheal Acupuncture for fatty liver

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