Best Traditional pulse diagnosis for Excellent results

Best Traditional pulse diagnosis for Excellent results

    The healing power of traditional acupuncture and acupressure at Nazir’s Acuheal – the best acupuncture and acupressure Centre in Chennai. Our expert practitioners use accurate traditional pulse diagnosis to provide excellent health outcomes for our patients. Discover the natural way to holistic well-being today.

        The aim of pulse diagnosis, to get more accurate health condition of the patient without any probability, It has always been to obtain very useful information about what goes on inside the body. Nazir Acuheal providing Best Traditional pulse diagnosis for Excellent results.


Traditional Chinese medicine with Traditional pulse diagnosis

 TMC pulse diagnosis is one of the four major assessments in tcm consultation. Through pulse palpation at three locations, i.e. cun, guan and chi, on both wrists, general health condition of a person and a particular organ can be fully recognized. the locations and their corresponding organs.


         Our Sr. Acupuncturist Healer Nazir  is used to combine clinical data collected from pulse assessment and other clinical assessments to prescribe treatments to his patient and monitor his prognosis.

       In view of the increasing popularity of tcm world wide, tcm pulse diagnosis has received much attention from the public concerning its scientific and clinical values. Much research work has been published since 1950s’ to quantify tcm pulse diagnosis which aims at providing scientific base to tcm pulse diagnosis and so substantiating its clinical value.

  The aim of this review is to provide readers with a complete picture of current progression of tcm pulse quantification.


Scientific evidence on traditional pulse diagnosis

        Analyze strengths and weaknesses of current studies in terms of methodologies and statistical approaches; and highlight future direction of tcm pulse diagnosis quantification.

        The review is divided into five sections. The first three sections discuss and analyze qualification and quantification of tcm pulse diagnosis in ancient and recent literatures. Statistical approaches to quantify tcm pulse diagnosis are discussed.

           Qualification of tcm pulse diagnosis means the elements that tcm pulse diagnosis should be included in order to have a complete and valid assessment on tcm pulse. Literatures show that there is much confusion about the assessment of pulse in tcm, mainly due to the ambiguous descriptions of pulse condition in Chinese medical texts

                         Nazir’s acuheal for Holistic pulse diagnosis

       Pulse itself is objective, but pulse condition is subjective. It is the quality of pulse as felt by a tcm doctor, and thus represents the subjective judgment of that doctor. More than 30 pulse conditions have been documented in Chinese medical texts.

        Some of them, e.g. floating, rapid, string-like are single pulse condition which describes one element of a pulse condition. is the method of holistic pulse diagnosis Others describe more than one element of a pulse condition which is called compound pulse condition. For example, replete is the composite of forceful, long, large and stiff


Information of pulse condition in ancient Chinese medical texts

           Nei Jing  describes over 30 types, e.g. large, small, long, short, slippery, rough, sunken, slow, rapid, strong, tough, soft, and more,

            The 28 pulse conditions most commonly used in clinical practice come from Bin Hu Mai Xue and Zhen Jia Zhen Gyan . They are floating, sunken, slow, rapid, surging, fine, vacuous, replete, long, short, slippery, rough, string-like, tight, soggy, moderate, faint, weak, dissipated, hollow, drumskin, firm, hidden, stirred, intermittent, bound, skipping, and racing.


          Descriptions of pulse conditions in Chinese medical texts are mostly qualitative, and are often illustrated by similes and poems. For instance, the slippery is compared to “beads rolling” and the string-like is like pressing the string of a musical instrument

        The firm means string-like, long, replete, surging, and sunken, whereas the drum skin is string-like, large, rapid, and hollow. The number of dimensions that a pulse assessment should encompass is controversial.

Floating or sunken and slow or rapid are the two pairs of dimensions suggested in Bin Hu Mai Xue . Nan Jing  and Mai Jing , in contrast, proposed three dimensions: floating or sunken, slippery or rough, and long or short. Nei Jing  described three dimensions: slippery or rough, slow or rapid, and surging or fine, whereas  suggested floating or sunken, slow or rapid, and vacuous or replete.

Acupuncture with Traditional Pulse diagnosis 

           As evidence-based practice emphasizes consistency of outcome the low reliability of pulse diagnosis by tcm doctors reported in the literature demonstrates the need to standardize pulse diagnosis in tcm.

             What has caused disease, what might be done to rectify the problem, and what are the chances of success. According to the Chinese understanding, the pulse can reveal whether a syndrome is of hot or cold nature, whether it is of excess or deficiency type pulse is mentioned briefly and simply among a list of symptoms that would indicate a particular disease stage or category,

           Healer Nazir has good knowledge on pulse diagnosis since 18 years, which lead to accurate information of Organ (s) need to be corrected, and it helps to treat root cause of the disease.  

Acupuncturist Nazir - Ensures Holistic pulse diagnosis

     Nazir’s Acuheal, a renowned acupuncture center in Chennai, is widely acknowledged as one of the best in the city. At the helm is Nazir Sheriff, an exceptional Traditional Acupuncturist with unmatched expertise and skill. What sets Nazir’s Acuheal apart from others is their focus on pulse diagnosis accuracy as a key component of their treatment approach.

    Pulse diagnosis accuracy is a specialized technique used to assess the overall health and wellbeing of an individual. This method enables healer Nazir Sheriff to gain deep insights into the patient’s condition by examining their pulses across various levels and positions. Through this holistic pulse diagnosis, Nazir can identify any imbalances or blockages in energy flow within the body.

    By combining extensive knowledge of traditional acupuncture principles with his exemplary pulse diagnosis accuracy, Nazir customizes treatment plans for each patient based on their unique needs. This ensures optimal results and long-lasting relief from various chronic conditions such as pain management, stress reduction, fertility issues, insomnia, digestive disorders, and more.

    Moreover, at Nazir’s Acuheal, each session goes beyond just placing needles at specific points on the body. Healer Nazir aims to create a serene environment where patients can feel comfortable sharing their concerns and goals for treatment. This allows him to facilitate an open dialogue and establish trust with each individual seeking his care.

   Nazir Sheriff believes that true healing encompasses not only physical well-being but also emotional and mental harmony. Therefore, he combines his expertise in traditional acupuncture with additional modalities such as cupping therapy or herbal medicine if required during the treatment process.

     Nazir’s Acuheal has earned a stellar reputation throughout Chennai due to healer Nazir Sheriff’s dedication to providing effective treatments and unparalleled pulse diagnosis accuracy techniques. Patients leave feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, and amazed at how targeted acupuncture coupled with comprehensive assessment can lead them towards overall better health.

In conclusion, Nazir’s Acuheal is a remarkable acupuncture center in Chennai, led by the exceptional healer Nazir    

Healer Nazir's treatment with benefits of Pulse diagnosis

Nazir Sheriff is a highly skilled and experienced traditional acupuncturist renowned for his expertise in pulse diagnosis. With an impeccable track record, Nazir specializes in offering the best and most effective pulse diagnosis techniques. He takes pride in providing accurate diagnoses that lead to remarkable results.

Pulse diagnosis is a diagnostic method used in traditional acupuncture to assess the state of a patient’s health. By carefully feeling the pulses at various points on the wrist, Nazir can gather vital information about the body’s energy flow, organ function, and overall balance. This unique approach allows him to identify any imbalances or blockages within the body.

One of the significant benefits of pulse diagnosis is its ability to detect health issues even before physical symptoms manifest. By recognizing subtle changes in pulse quality and rhythm, Nazir can pinpoint potential problems at an early stage, enabling proactive intervention and treatment.

Furthermore, pulse diagnosis enables Nazir to tailor each acupuncture session specifically to his patients’ needs. By accurately assessing their condition through pulse examination, he can target specific areas or meridians that require attention. This personalized approach ensures maximum effectiveness and enhances the overall benefits of acupuncture treatments.

Nazir Sheriff’s meticulous pulse diagnosis not only helps alleviate immediate concerns but also assists in preventing future ailments by maintaining optimal health and well-being. Through regular monitoring of his patients’ pulses and tracking progress over time, he offers invaluable insights into how lifestyle choices and external factors can impact their overall balance.

With a commitment to providing high-end care, Nazir strives for excellence in every aspect of his practice. He combines his deep understanding of traditional acupuncture with modern research advancements to stay at the forefront of his field, offering cutting-edge techniques that ensure accuracy and efficacy.

Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain or want to improve your general well-being, Nazir Sheriff’s pulse diagnosis provides a solid foundation for successful acupuncture treatments. Experience firsthand the incredible benefits this approach brings by scheduling a session with Nazir today. You are guaranteed to receive personalized care, accurate diagnoses