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Nazir’s acuheal a Traditional Acupuncture clinic for heel pain

         Nazir’s acuheal  acupuncture clinic for heel pain  takes a holistic view of pain situations consisting of heel ache. while surely heel pain is prompted in large part through infection inside the tender tissues of the foot and calf, there are regularly different underlying factors that reason those kinds of accidents to appear to humans in middle age, So we proved as Best Acupuncture treatment for excellent results for heel pain.

General information on heel pain

Sharp pain between your arch and in heel, feels worse when you start morning walking and better when resting, difficulty raising toes off floor, Pain in the back of the heel, and in the ankle and calf

Redness and swelling,  dull aching pain in the heel, Sudden sharp pain in the heel, swelling, a popping or snapping sound during the injury,  very difficulty walking, The most common causes of heel pain are plantar fasciitis (bottom of the heel) and Achilles tendinitis (back of the heel). Causes of heel pain also include:

Many conditions, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, cause heel pain. A sore heel is a common foot and ankle complaint.

Rest, orthotics and stretching ease pain over time. If you ignore and don’t treat heel pain, you may develop chronic problems that require a longer recovery. Heel pain rarely needs surgery.

Main causes  of heel pain

Heel pain can be have many causes. If your heel hurts, see your doctor right away to determine why and get treatment. Tell him or her exactly where you have pain and how long you’ve had it.

Your doctor will examine your heel, looking and feeling for signs of tenderness and swelling. You may be asked to walk, stand on one foot or do other physical tests that help your doctor pinpoint the cause of your sore heel.


Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendon rupture

Bone tumour

Bursitis (joint inflammation)

Hoagland’s deformity

Heel spur

Osteomyelitis (a bone infection)

Paget’s disease of bone

Peripheral neuropathy

Plantar fasciitis

Reactive arthritis

Retro calcaneal bursitis

Rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory joint disease)

Sarcoidosis (collections of inflammatory cells in the body)

Stress fractures

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Normal treatment for heel pain

For Heel beneath Pain

         If it hurts underneath your heel, you can have one or greater situations that inflame the tissues on the lowest of your foot:
Stone bruise. whilst you step on a hard object along with a rock or stone, you may bruise the fats pad on the bottom of your heel. it could or may not look discoloured. The ache goes away regularly with rest.

          Plantar fasciitis (sub calcaneal 

ache). Doing too much running or leaping can inflame the tissue band (fascia) connecting the heel bone to the bottom of the ft. The pain is centered under your heel and may be slight at first however flares up when you are taking your first steps after resting overnight. you could need to do unique exercises, take medication to lessen swelling and wear a heel pad on your shoe.

         Heel spur. While plantar fasciitis continues for a long time, a heel spur (calcium deposit) may additionally shape wherein the fascia tissue band connects in your heel bone. Your physician might also take an X-ray to look the bony protrusion, that could range in length. remedy is commonly the same as for plantar fasciitis: relaxation till the ache subsides, do special stretching exercises and wear heel pad shoe inserts.

Pain at the back of the Heel

          When you have ache in the back of your heel, you may have inflamed the area where the Achilles tendon inserts into the heel bone (retro calcaneal bursitis). human beings frequently get this by way of jogging an excessive amount of or carrying shoes that rub or reduce into the back of the heel. pain at the back of the heel may construct slowly through the years,

            Inflicting the skin to thicken, get purple and swell. you may increase a bump on the lower back of your heel that feels gentle and heat to the touch.

            The pain flares up while you first begin an activity after resting. It often hurts too much to wear ordinary footwear. you can need an X-ray to see if you also have a bone spur. remedy includes resting from the activities that induced the problem, doing positive stretching physicalactivities, using ache remedy and sporting open again shoes.

        Your physician might also want you to apply a 3/eight” or half” heel insert. Stretch your Achilles tendon by means of leaning forward in opposition to a wall along with your foot flat at the ground and heel improved with the insert.
Use no steroidal medicines for ache and swelling. remember putting ice at the back of the heel to lessen inflammation.

Acupuncture Treatment for Heel pain

           In  as per Acupuncturist Nazir the kidneys are believed to provide guide and nourishment to the bones; this idea is referred to as “kidney governing bone.” Heel ache and heel spurs arise due to deficiencies or excesses of the kidney Qi.

          Smooth tissues including the plantar ligament and the Achilles tendon are ruled by way of the liver. thus, acupuncture treatment for heel ache, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendinitis will often contain the usage of acupoints to reinforce and tonify the Kidney Qi and Liver Qi.

              Acupuncture is known to be effective for supporting to relieve pain because of inflammatory conditions of a wide variety, and also for helping to growth the production of collagen, which enables to maintain the connective tissues of the foot and calf strong and supple.

          Acupuncture enables the recovery of ligaments and tendons by using improving lowering inflammation, improving blood glide and cell repair.  The historic textbook of chinese language medication, The Yellow Emperor’s conventional of inner remedy, even describes a particular acupuncture method used to sell recovery inside the Achilles tendon.

Herbs can be used both internally and externally to assist heel ache. An natural formulation that is steeped in warm water and used as a every day foot soak may be specially helpful for alleviating swelling in the heel and pain within the backside of the foot.

One research observe in comparison sufferers dealt with with corticosteroid injections for plantar fasciitis versus patients dealt with with acupuncture. Six months later, the patients who had steroid shots mentioned a 76% effective fee, whilst the sufferers who’d had acupuncture mentioned a 97% effective charge.

A hospital study as compared  corporations of sufferers – a few treated with incorporated protocol of acupuncture and heat natural foot baths, and the others treated with the herbal foot baths handiest. The powerful charge for the foot-soaking only turned into sixty nine%, and the effective price jumped up any other 22% for the patients who additionally had acupuncture.

a systematic assessment of 4 research regarding acupuncture for sufferers with plantar fasciitis heel pain showed a enormous reduction in ache after four-8 weeks of remedy.

Acupuncture treatment for heel pain :

Thousands of years Acupuncture has been used to alleviate symptoms like pain, dizziness, Stress, Migraine and heel pain like symptoms.

 It has been proved for so many patients, acupuncture is a safe, alternative method to help with their heel pain and imbalance when traditional medications or normal available medicine prescriptions do not provide the relief they need.

Acupuncture near me for Heel pain 

Even though Heel pain and dizziness may not be life-threatening symptoms, but they can have a big impact on our daily life. Frequently being blindsided by unexpected dizziness, spinning sensations of heel pain, nausea, and headaches is unsettling and debilitating. Some prescribed Medications can be helpful in some cases, but they can also cause unwanted serious side effects. Acupuncturist healer Nazir treating the root cause of heel pain with acupuncture.

Our Sr. Acupuncturist Nazir, a  professional acupuncturist is targeting energy (or “qi” in Chinese medicine) or important acupuncture points for accurate treatment.

These also are termed as meridians, with some being of special benefit to painful nerves and muscles within the joints, by providing the best Traditional acupuncture treatment  for heel pain


This is in your hand of choosing a Best Acupuncture doctor for heel pain, it’s very important that the Acupuncturist should have a decade of experience and treated at least good number of patients

         You must  search for the Best Acupuncture Doctor near me,  Once you find the Best Acupuncture Doctor in Chennai, (you  don’t believe on Google reviews first, because so many reviews are fixed or paid one)

       Healer Nazir  a Best Acupuncture Doctor will address your concerns and help you feel more comfortable before your first session. Acupuncture usually takes numerous sessions or several weeks to get a complete cure in any ailment

 But you will feel within 3 or 4 sessions the patients will experience positive differences.


Need of the demand for good treatment, there are numerous clinics grown up and it is sometimes cautious to choose the best or even the safe one. To identify such concerns, you can consider into the following points to choose the best acupuncture clinic for heel pain.

Acupuncture is also offered in hospital pain clinics and by healthcare organizations but it is ideal to visit the best Acupuncture Clinic for heel pain. If you are not sure, try to find age of our website and patients reviews for specific problems.