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Sleepless or Insomnia

Sleep is a normal physical process for providing relaxation to all body organs ( excluding some vital organ, which need to be work till end of the life), but most of the time Psychological factors like fear, tension, stress and Physical factors like age, disease or pain will disturbed this sleeping process, here I have mention both Physical and Psychological factors involved to disturb sleep, but most of the treatment consider this sleep with common method, that is sleeping pills, which induced sleep for particular period, but gradually patient body demand more dosage ( sleeping pills) due to Physical or Psychological reasons will dominate this drugs, subsequently more pills will be use to get sleep, after some time patient require to take powerful drugs which will created more harm rather than desire sleep, at last along with sleepless condition patient also finding troubles of drug induced side effects.

I believe sleep should be a natural and automatic process, requirement of body and mind, if we create this artificially it will not only spoil body rhythm also created so many psychological disorders, for example sleepless person may have less concentration, social behavior, work performance, decision making capacity , which will not match with his original capacity, So try to work for Natural and sound sleep, instead of artificial and complicated sleep. I can explain more about this disorder

To get natural sleep, positive thinking and cool mind and activity is very important for our health authority should be delegate to subordinate, instead of doubting his capacity must help out to take right decisions. As early side positive religious activities also contribute on keep calm mind. . (If anyone need more elaboration on this topic pls. Contact me personally over phone from 2pm to 3pm (Indian time)

I would like to suggest some pressure points to keep our mind calm 1 (fore head) centre point between two eyebrows 2 hand palm side, in side of little finger line junction between Meta carpal


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