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As all we know there are two type of Diabetic people one is type I another one is Type II, Type one people must take Insulin, since by birth they would h, here I can reduce their dosage and bring in to minimum quantity of Insulin, Type II : Diabetes This type of diabetic condition initial stage start with minimum dosage of tablets , slowly increase its dosage , some time reach to Insulin injection level, in fact some diabetic people reach in the point of higher insulin dosage.

My most of the patients who complaining health problems, along with Diabetes as a health complaint. So I have more experience in treating diabetic people.
Irritable bowel movements

Commonly called as IBS, Patient surely irritate, because he would suffer without knowing the reason, doctor prefer food diet , I have seen patient experience with , psychologically disturbed, not able to have complex tour and mingle with society would be a great disadvantage to this patients.

we basically treating on root cause of the problem , possibly liver and associated organs and energy combination changing every day to pass energy to liver may give better solution.