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Pediatric Acupressure / Acupuncture


Every parentneeds their children to be omnipotent, at the same time parents areconceded that, children potentiality is not up to needed level and they are not able to constrain for the same.

Even parents feel they are providing best to their children, sometimes not fulfilling really needed things, this is because of following conventional methods. Did we really help them to get proper physical and mental health care? May be, not, even we aware of that today food itself not contain enough stuff to full fill their balance diet. Moreover side effects inducing drugs further complicating need for the health. Eventually, immunity of children down drastically.

Treating method:

As discussed about treating method in introduction page, exact pulse reading diagnosis method with  proper point selection of Acupressure and Acupuncture ensures safe and effective treatment for Children, particularly we have attained best results for  Psychological ( Concentration, Memory, Bed wetting etc., )  and Physical needs.

  1. Immunity  Development
  2. Concentration Development
  3. Bed Wetting
  4. Wheezing
  5. Asthma
  6. Fits
  7. Cerebral Palsy
  8. Primary Complex


  1. Immunity  Development

 Child suffering with frequent illness, particularly common fever, common cold, weak health may due to Immunity problem. These children are easily susceptible to any viral or bacterial disease. Depending on the need of every child we give treatment to make immunity up to the level of normal children.


  1. Concentration Development

        This is an abstract problem, usually, parents are facing,  even though their children have good knowledge and spontaneous response to all other activities, they are not able to perform in education,  they are frustrated by comparison of other well-performing children.  Healer is confident on treatment, every child will perform well, once get treatment from Acuheal.


  1. Bed wetting

            Bed wetting is a subconscious alarming symptom of all grown children,  newborn may do bed wetting due to underdeveloped organs,  hormonal imbalance, but this will continue to even after reaching cautious age. In Acuheal, the healer is significantly treating these problematic children. This treatment improves their self-confidence, social participation moreover removes guilty feelings associated angry and stress.


  1. Wheezing

For controlling on drug-induced side effects, further increasing of dosages, limited participation of social activities, eventually poor academic performance.  Healer’s innovative treatment gives a drugless solution with huge confident and physical improvement to your children. This treatment is the best gift for those children, who suffering from above mention symptoms.          


  1.  Epilepsy

An endangered health problem, without any advance sign, the patient suddenly fall with this problem, even though medication gives improvements,  the patient must be caution on every single minute of his or her life,  continues selected acupuncture and acupressure points has a great chance to bring normal life for this problematic patients.  Please approach Acuheal without delay to improve patient health (invariably children or adult).