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We have mentioned some of the General (common ) Health problems, which will be applicable to all ( Male, Female, Elder and Children)


1 Diabetes

It is a chronic, lifelong condition that affects body’s ability to use energy.As we all know, there are two types of Diabetes, Type I and Type II.

Type I is an insulin dependent diabetic condition, usually diagnosed in children and young adults. Here patient must take Insulin therapy for a lifetime.But in acuheal, we can give treatment to reduce their dosage of Insulin to a minimum level.

Type II is a non-insulin dependent diabetic condition, initially start with a minimum dosage of tablets, without proper treatment finally it reaches to a higher dosage of Insulin injection.

Most of the patients who complain health problems, along with diabetes as a health complaint.So healer hasmore experience in treating diabetic people.



  1. Irritable bowel movements

Commonly called as IBS, in this patient, surely has irritation, because of suffering without knowing the reason, the doctor may prefer food diet. These patients may be psychologically disturbed, and lacks social behavior.

We basically treat on the root cause of the problem, possibly liver, and associated organs, and energy combination changing every day to pass energy to the liver may give a better solution.


  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

The cause of this problem is unknown, patients will suffer from severe joints pain and pain killers its side effects is a threaten to this patients.We have experienced with some patients lost their feet and hand shape and it becomes more rigid and bends into different directions, sometimes they are not able to pick up even light weight items, which can be easily done by the small child.

Healer concentrates on control this problem since it must not get further severe.Eventually, treat step by step, in some of the cases healer have brought their fingers to normal in shape, but the patient must understand that bringing normal position is not so easy, continues work on this problem can bring normal position.





  1. Sleeplessness or Insomnia

Person with insomnia may have less concentration, social behavior, work performance, decision making capacity. To get natural sleep, positive thinking and calm mind is very important.

In Acuheal, the traditional method of treatment is given for both physical and psychological factors without using drugs.


  1. Tension and Confusion

Both are associated each other during work process, once become tension and the reaction will change and subsequently, they are confused by their behavior and tension can be further divided into many ways like work related, family related, economical, academic etc., but often getting tension may lead to hormonal imbalance, it leads to improper communication to the brain of actual situation.


  1. Liver Problems :  Liver Bulging and Liver Cirrhosis

I am very much concern with that , because most of the patientapproach me after it become worst condition, moreover they expect fast andreadymade relief, ultimately they face liver Cirrhosis ,I can give guarantee those people ,accept my methods andfollowing their food diet as well as , I could bring their life in to normal



  1. Kidney Stone

Deposition of calcium in kidney tissues causes the kidney stone. This may be due to genetic or environmental, but in our method, we provide strength to the kidney, in turn, furthering deposition of stone is avoided.


9 Gall Bladder Stone

  Deposition of calcium in gall bladder tissues causes the kidney stone. This may be due to genetic or environmental, but in our clinical method, we provide strength to gall bladder, in turn, further deposition of stones isavoided.



  1. Asthma

Lung difficult to expand, so many treatments available to treat asthma patients, still traditional method of acupuncture is the best choice to treat asthma patients. Since here treatment will be given for root cause of the problem. So reoccurrence of this problem would be less possible, comparatively another type of treatments. Usage of strong drugs for a long duration may cause the problem to liver and Kidney.


  1. Disc Prolapsed

Compression of a nerve between the vertebrae may cause this problem. In Acuheal, we have treated several such cases with the cervical andlumbar (L5 & L6)problem, back pain due to nerve compression will be treating effectively by advance and traditional method.





  1. Neurological

Malfunction of the brain due to Physical or psychological reasons may cause neurological problems. It is more complicated and less chance for improvement in all medication, even in acupuncture or acupressure, recovery time will be very slow, but the possibility is comparatively better than other medication.We have treated so many cases like involuntary movement, Parkinson, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.

Patients must come regularly without taking any break, and duration may be slow and steady.




Eye problems/vision impairment

Eye problem related with age, workand food are possible to treat unlike gene related problem,which is difficult to recover. Contact us to know the possibility.


  1. Obesity

Obesity doesn’t need much explanation since patients have already had enough treatments and expended for this problem, particularly young girls and boys, even middle age woman approaching to treat their obesity.

A simple question for them, does your family member any of them has the same problem? If their answer is YES, then it would be very difficult to treat such case, since it is a gene related problem, and if anybody claims that they will cure obesity, it must be false.

We are successfully treating obesity due to abnormal food habit, work related stress, tension, sedentary life style and insomnia.Here treatment will be provided for both Physical and Psychological conditions.Physical treatment for Digestion related problems and psychological treatment for controlling desire on food intake (this will be very much useful to avoid fried and fatty food).