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Elder Acupuncture

Elder or Geriatric Acupuncture

Elder are more or less children in their character, family member also must take care as children to their elders, in fact every senior citizen must be respected by all people , their seniority and experience must be taken in account to avoid errors during leading a life.

Most of the Elder body organs and mind would be tied after having physical and Psychological work, this organs will be easily susceptible to any type of disease and external cause, it means If they happen to consume or inhale bacteria or virus, it will easily dominating to them and creating problems, like that if bones would be so week and chances to break easily, even by small fall.

In my clinic, I would always give preference mind to get calm and energetic , and then their physical needs.( organs to be treated), generally their blood quality and quantity would be so slow , such cases any type of medication will take more time to heel comparatively children and younger age people.

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